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Upcoming trips in 2019

2019 is here! We have a truckload of trips lined up for the year. From beach camping and cycling in Hampi to trekking in the Sahyadris and backpacking to Himachal. We assure you experiences that will help you explore parts of the world and yourself you didn’t know existed.

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These four gentlemen, graduated from St.Xavier's College, Mumbai in 2014, except Elton; he's way older, like wayyyy older. They all graduated Bachelor of Arts and there were loads of companies just lining up to hire them for their dream jobs. JK. So they had a lot of free time and a lot less to do. Shannon used this time to hone the fine arts of design, live performance and dressing well enough to make the rest of us look like Govinda. While Elton was a high flying office man; with the salary, the slick formals, the business ethics and all. Jinks graduated twice (History and Political Science). He's the most educated vagabond. His knowledge of history and political science will blow your mind. JK. On the other hand, try naming a character, a spell or any freakin' thing about Harry Potter that he doesn't know and they'll buy you new robes in September. Nihar, apart from mostly just existing in Jogeshwari, applied for an MA, played basketball and groomed his hair to look like Jon Snow's. Eventually Nihar and Jinks, fueled by entrepreneurial zeal (read: being broke) decided they needed to do something. They started with heritage walks. Within the first month they were joined by Shannon and Elton to organize the first Fields of Sound. At the climax of the event they all came together. Pun intended. Without them knowing a bond was formed... A vagabond.


Shannon Fernandes


Nihar Nair


Shajin Jinks Shaji


Elton D'mello


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We are an event management company. But, we more than just 'manage' events; we design experiences. We would love to design an event specially for YOU. We also do off-beat corporate getaways and training programmes.

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