On our journey to the city of ruins, we will come across a plethora of landscapes, people, and experiences. With a history that dates back to the 3rd century BCE, Hampi will leave you in awe of its culture and beauty. Witness some spectacular sunsets that paint the sky in blazing shades of orange, magnificent piles of boulders stretching as far as the eyes can see and the history of one of India's glorious empires left behind in the form of ruins. If you're interested in cycling through ancient ruins, while also jumping in lakes and eating some great food, Hampi is the place to be!

Upcoming Batches: None

  • Walking tour of Hampi
  • Gorging on some delicious local Hampi-style lunch
  • Visit Vitthala temple (depicted on the Indian Rs 50 note)
  • Cliff jumping, coracle boat ride, and sunset at Sanapur lake
  • Guided cycling tour of monuments (Ganesh temple, Narasimha statue, Queen’s Bath, Royal Enclosure, Step well, Virupaksha temple)
  • Visit to the Hampi Archaeological Museum
  • Local cuisine at the roadside home-restaurants

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