Bay-City Hikes (A Forest Trail in Bombay)

Did you know, Bombay is home to the world’s largest tropical forest surrounded by a city? As the monsoon breathes life into this forest, we’ll explore its vibrant biodiversity, led by an expert naturalist. This serene escape is the perfect getaway for us city dwellers. We’ll make a quick walk up to Salim Ali Point […]

Brick by Brick (A Legopress Workshop)

Remember those days as kids when we built anything we could imagine with colorful Lego pieces? Legopress is an innovative art activity where we use Lego pieces to create print designs that we then print onto paper or fabric. This weekend, LESSGO LEGO! Upcoming Batches Saturday, 13th July | 4pm onwards | Magari cafe, Andheri […]

Knotting Hill (An Embroidery Basics Workshop)

Most of us probably tried our hand at embroidery as children and never touched it again, right? Come along on a wonderful journey into the art of embroidery, where you’ll uncover the beauty of needlework and learn to master a variety of stitches. Embroidery is more than just stitching – it’s a timeless craft that […]

Garbett Plateau (Monsoon Trek)

Garbett Plateau is one of the most scenic treks in all of Maharashtra. Although it is situated close to Matheran, it has still survived commercialization. Escape the city and head into the serenity of the hills as we walk along the Dhom lake and tread through rustic villages on this trek. The lush green beauty […]

Tidal Treasures (A Guided Marine Walk)

Often, we overlook Bombay’s identity as a ‘beach town,’ oblivious to the fact that we have beaches nestled right in the heart of the city. And while you wouldn’t ever find someone sunbathing on the beaches of Bombay, what awaits you is a vibrant intertidal marine ecosystem. So pick up your fishing nets and put […]

Espresso Yourself (A Coffee Brewing & Latte Art Workshop)

Elevate your morning routine from a simple cup of coffee to a delightful experience! If you’ve spent hours doom scrolling through coffee brewing techniques and those fascinating latte art creations, and wondered if you’d get a chance to try your hand at it, then you gotta wonder no mo. Guided by expert baristas at your […]

Ladakh (7 Days)

Welcome to ‘Back-Pack-Go!’ Ladakh! Brace yourselves for the adventure of a lifetime. This is a deep, explorative experience of this amazing ancient kingdom. Over centuries, Ladakh has seen many shifts in its societies and cultures. From being a prominent market of Central Asia on the Silk Route to being an important stronghold of the Tibetan […]

Where The Light Is (Chasing Fireflies at Bhandardara)

We’re headed to Bhandardara, a picturesque village nestled in the heart of the Kalsubai-Harishchandragadh Wildlife Reserve. Every year, just before the downpour of the monsoon arrives, these forests come alive in a truly magical phenomenon—millions and millions of fireflies come out of the trees looking for their mates. Imagine the whole forest filled with countless […]

Block & Roll (A Linocut Printing Workshop)

Ever wanted to design and create your own custom block print? Spend a few hours of your weekend with us trying your hand at the unique and therapeutic art form of linocut printing. We’ll slowly chisel away a block of linoleum, and each create our own custom prints! Upcoming Batches: No Upcoming Batches Age: 16+

Crease & Create (A Modular-Kinetic Origami Workshop)

Fingers. Paper. Magic. Test the dexterity of your fingers as you bring a humble sheet of paper to life. When someone says ‘origami’, we time-travel to birds & boats folded as kids. But the science of origami has applications that go from nanobots to outer space. Come experience a tiny bit of that scale this […]


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