Stargazing in Parvati Valley

I consider myself far too cynical to open with something as corny as ‘My trip with Vagabond was life-changing’, but… shit! My trip with Vagabond WAS life-changing. I was always skeptical about taking vacations that don’t involve my bed and a big bag of chips, but suddenly I’ve developed a ferocious appetite for travel.

How could I not? It had all the ideal ingredients: The overwhelming beauty of Parvati Valley, comfortable accommodations, and food that made me want to rewind every meal. Friendly locals, intelligent, approachable guides, and consistently fun activities: from the scenic, mammoth treks to the hot springs to the innovative games we played to pass the time. Great weather! (Sometimes challenging for a Mumbai resident like me. I surprised myself by braving, and eventually enjoying, the cold). Introspective star-gazing. People who know how to party. Funny, interesting people in my age range who I’ll be in touch with even after mankind wrecks Parvati Valley and other remaining hotbeds of natural splendor.

You know it’s a perfect trip when you’re depressed for weeks after. I got back from the trip in mid-November, and I STILL want to kill myself (just kidding). Two thumbs up!

Back-Pack-Go! Parvati Valley | Nov 2016

Utsav Kotrial

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