Trek or Treat! – The Types of People We Meet on Treks.

More often than not, it’s the journey and not the destination that makes a trek successful. The people we’ve met on these journeys have not only made our events that much better, but they’ve also given us stories and memories that remind us of why we do what we do. So, we’ve narrowed down some of the characters we’ve met on our Into The Wild treks over the years…

1. The Overpacker

No matter how much we stress on ‘traveling light’ and carrying the bare essentials, there’s always The Overpacker who comes ready for the apocalypse.

Much like a modern-day Mary Poppins, this person will magically fit all their goods into nothing more than a haversack. From bug spray to power banks and everything in between, this person is equipped to live in the wild, if needed.

In all fairness, they’re likely to be carrying extra food as well, so we can’t complain.

2. The Jukebox

Being a musically inclined bunch, we’re always up for sing-songs and impromptu jam sessions. This is why we appreciate The Jukebox – who is ever-ready with a tune to match the mood.

Straight out of High School Musical, their contagious enthusiasm is a much-needed morale booster on long treks.

But keep in mind, that the volume at which they sing is inversely proportional to the number of people that join in. The hills are alive with the sound of their music.

3. The Shutterbug

One of the main reasons we started Vagabond was to take you away from your technology-driven life and into the wild. But have you really lived off the land, braved the elements, and scaled mountains if you don’t have a picture to prove it? Or like 300?

Equipped with a phone camera, clip-on lenses, and Instagram filters, the shutterbug is willing to move mountains (figuratively) to get that re-post worthy shot.

Truth be told, they do make our social media manager’s job way easier.

4. The ChatBot

At Vagabond Experiences, we aim to create a comfortable environment for you to interact with and meet new people. But there’s always The ChatBot.

Capable of striking up a conversation with anyone about anything and almost incapable of stopping, this person will have likely told you about their star sign, their dog’s eating habits and even their sleep patterns before the first pit stop.

We don’t mean to bash after all this is a nice change from The Jukebox.

5. The First Timer

The reason we categorize our treks as easy, moderate, or difficult is to tell you what kind of physical exertion to expect. But we obviously don’t stress on it enough because there’s always The First Timer who “Just can’t!”

The 2 planned rest stops en route become 20, thanks to them, who will spare no chance to ask us how much longer it’s going to take. You will find this person at the back of the group, most likely taking a break.

However, their victory is ours and they make reaching the summit that much more gratifying.

6. The Lone Wolf

Determined to do the opposite of what the leader decides, this person is a rebel without a cause.

For a seasoned trekker (who has done one other trek, maybe), trails are but a formality. The real thrill comes when they forge their own path, which usually ends up being longer and harder than the original one.

Part disobedient-part Rambo, it is not uncommon for this person to have at least one embarrassing slip or fall (Karma).

7. The Fashionista

Nature is great and all, but how many landscape shots can The Shutterbug take? A subject always presents itself. Mostly in the form of chic clothing and flashy accessories.

Always in vogue, this person stands out in the group (literally!) and the concept of function over fashion is lost on them.

On the plus side, they are extremely difficult to lose track of on a trail.

These are just some of the trekkers we’ve come across on our trips. If you’re reading this, you know who you are! But in all honesty, all these people, quirks included, are what really turn our trips into Vagabond Experiences!

Elton Mendonce

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