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Tidal Treasures (A Guided Marine Walk)

3 hours


Often, we overlook Bombay's identity as a 'beach town,' oblivious to the fact that we have beaches nestled right in the heart of the city. And while you wouldn’t ever find someone sunbathing on the beaches of Bombay, what awaits you is a vibrant intertidal marine ecosystem. So pick up your fishing nets and put them down again (cause this isn’t that kind of adventure) and head out with us to explore the wonders of our coast that usually swim under the radar!


Upcoming Batches: No Upcoming Batches


Age: 16+ (Below 16 would need to be accompanied by an adult)

  • Explore Bombay's Intertidal Marine Life
  • An expert guided walk
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What's In Store

This is your chance to see the shores of Bombay in a whole new light. From sea sponges, anemones, snails, and hermit crabs to the elusive starfish and octopus, your naturalist will take you on a 2-hour walk and help you spot these magnificent creatures that thrive on our beaches. Learn astounding facts, marvel at their deceptive ways, and be awed by their fantastic lives from sea to shore and sea again!

When And Where


  • Saturday, 11th May: 06:00 am (Haji Ali, Haji Ali Juice Centre)
  • Sunday, 12th May: 06:30 am (Juhu, Granth Book Store)


Haji Ali Walk:

Meeting Point: Haji Ali Juice Centre |

Juhu Walk:

Meeting Point: Granth Book Store |

What You Get
  • A 2-hour guided walk exploring Bombay’s intertidal shore
  • A trained naturalist and Vagabond EM
  • Regular: Rs.1,000 (+ 5% GST)
  • Vagafam*: Rs.900 (+ 5% GST)

-Vagafam* is a loyalty discount for anyone who has joined us on 3+ experiences

-Since these are our initial experiences in the city, we have limited the participation to just 10 seats at an introductory price. Hurry up, fam!

Things You Need To Know
  • Please note that the timing for this activity could be a little delayed depending on the timing of the tides.
  • Please do not use flash photography.
  • Please carry a cap/sunglasses and a bottle of water as it’ll be sunny if your walk is in the morning.
  • Wear comfortable footwear (sandals/rainy shoes) that makes it easy to walk through water and slippery rocks.
  • This walk is only open to individuals over the age of 16 years. Below 16 would need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • This walk is targeted but not limited to the Vagabond community. If you’ve never been part of a Vagabond experience but have always wanted to, show up!
  • Limited seats are available for this walk at an introductory price.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
  • No last-minute entries will be accepted at the walk. If you plan to join us, book your ticket in advance.
  • There will be no refunds on tickets. However, tickets are transferable and you can send someone else in your place. Inform us beforehand.
  • Venue rules and regulations will apply at the event.
  • Everyone’s invited! Bring your friends, partners, cousins, family members, and their friends!
Terms and Conditions
  • All timings and activities are subject to weather, group size, capabilities of participants, etc.
  • Vagabond holds the right to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances (for eg. unfavorable weather)
  • By registering for this experience, you agree to have read through and abide by the Vagabond Terms & Conditions mentioned in the footer.
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PS: We respect and love our personal lives. Please contact us only between 11 am and 7 pm on weekdays or DM us anytime on Instagram @vagabondexperiences

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